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Welcome to Yoga On Wheels, a business designed to bring individuals, friends, groups or corporations the benefits of an Anusara Yoga practice in the convenience of their own settings.

If you are a mom running the hectic schedule of caring for your children and family and desire the relaxing benefits of yoga but can't seem to get to a facility, here we are. We will come to you!


Perhaps you're a professional always on the go, facing the financial challenges and burdens of the outer world, and have neglected that special time you need for relaxation that helps center your world and puts your priorities back into perspective. Yoga can help.


Maybe you're recovering from an injury and seek the therapeutic benefits of a yoga practice but can't make your way to a facility for study. The postures of yoga have spanned over two thousand years and are being utilized by the medical field for their therapeutic abilities. In the privacy of your home you can gently begin to re-develop your stamina, find greater flexibility, learn breath control, or learn to focus your thoughts away from discomfort and towards inner peace.

 Then there are those friends and family members who have been wanting to get together and discover what yoga is all about, but are hesitant to do it in a foreign setting, or just want the fun and convenience of getting together with those they care about and love, to experience something special. Yoga On Wheels is here for you.

Finally, there are offices, hospitals, or corporations that may want to provide both the enhancing and relaxing benefits of Yoga to their employees and bring that higher level of productivity and efficiency to their organization that comes from a deeper sense of well being and satisfaction.

Whatever you reason, Yoga On Wheels is available to you.